Nearshore in México

Why Mexico is your best choice for Nearshore Software Development

Businesses of every size and function, including startups and Fortune 1000 companies, are taking advantage of Nearshore development services in Mexico. Companies in the U.S. find this type of outsourcing beneficial over standard opportunities because:

Collaborate in Real Time

Mexico operates within the same time zones as the United States, and many locations switch to daylight savings time and back on the same dates as their neighbors across the border.

Closeness to Mexico and the United States

With a large number of direct flights—often taking no more than an hour or two—from many U.S. locations to Mexican airports, the country is also within close reach for travelers, easier and less expensive to get to than most of the offshore countries.

Cultural Affinity

Cultural affinity is a major factor in the growth of software development in Mexico. The country’s proximity to the United States means most Mexicans have acclimated to U.S. culture. They are plugged into U.S. politics, entertainment, and other aspects, such as watching US television, listening to US bands, and rooting for US-based teams.

Nearshoring to Mexico is a Safe Investment

For a country like the USA that promotes innovation, the protection of intellectual property (IP) is crucial. American companies that are heavily dependent on their intellectual property contribute to roughly 1/3rd of the employment in the country.

Nearshoring to Mexico is Affordable

In Mexico, employee salaries and the cost of living is much lower than in the US, allowing companies to pay significantly less for top talent. On average, a software developer earns about $1,429 USD per month, while their Los Angeles-based counterpart brings in about $10,750 on a monthly basis.
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Our teams also work pair to pair with their teams in the country that shares the same border, closer in proximity to the US. While providing alignment in culture, communication, time and laws.
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